Payment Instructions

Hi, we stopped charging pledges from Patreon accounts for more than a year, due to the stopping of the project.
Thanks for the support

To access our videos, go to our Patreon page and donate at least 8$

It is very easy and quick, but in case you get confused here are some quick instructions:

1) Become a Patron
Press the orange button titled “Become a Patron”

1.1.1 become a member
2) Choose Your Reward
Once there, you will see there is a reward list composed of what thought we could offer you. If the only reward you want is to be able to watch the videos, select 8$. For videos + pictures, select 20$.
After choosing the reward, press the orange rectangle that is titled “Continue”.

2.2.2 choose your reward
3) Sign Up
It will then ask you to Sign up. Simply click there and write a name, an email, a password for the account and just after, without having to check your email or anything, it will take you to the payment area.

4) Confirm and Pay
Press the orange button “Confirm and Pledge” after adding your email, zip code and credit card; that’s it.

We will receive an email confirming we have a new Patreon supporter that has donated X ammount. We will only see your email, but from there we will send you the access code for you to be able to watch everything!

Once you have the codes you can access the members area and Login,

Once there simply click on Member Videos.